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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Such is the Art of Turkey Basting - Part 1

The discussion of starting a family varies widely among couples. Some couples share the urge to procreate. We’ll call these couples the “go-go bunny rabbits.” Other couples may consist of one half that has the desire to have children and another half that really doesn’t care one way or the other. These couples are deemed the “ask and you shall receive rabbits.” Finally, there are those couples that include one partner who wants children and another partner who strongly opposes them. These little rabbits are knows as the “on the road to divorce rabbits.”
Sara and I were the “ask and you shall receive little bunny rabbits.” We engaged the idea of having a child about four or five years ago. Something in my head, and I still can’t quite peg it, told me that it’s about time we get the deed done. I was the rabbit who was hopping at the idea and, initially, Sara was just kind of “eh.” One way or the other, as long as I was happy, she was in.
The road to babydom progressed. We talked more and more about it every day and Sara’s excitement started to grow right along side mine. We decided it was time to take the next steps. We met with a doctor at the Women’s Health Specialists in our city where we hoped to have some of our questions answered. You know, the typical “We’re a gay couple who wants to have kids so how do we do that?” questions. Yup, those questions.
Answers are not exactly what we received upon that initial visit to the doctor. He was rude and clearly uncomfortable with our lifestyle. When we inquired on the processes to conceive, we were met with, “Are you sure you can even afford this?” and “Insurance doesn’t cover these procedures.” His demeanor towards us was defeating, but ultimately we were able to leave with information on procedures we could use to conceive along with the contact information for some cryobanks. Sperm!…

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