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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trippin' on Tryptophan

Don't blame the turkey for your sleepy haze this Thanksgiving. Tryptophan does its job best on an empty tummy. So, unless you're indulging on birdie alone, blame your lack of self control for your bleak state of unconsciousness. Don't fret. There's always a little black Friday madness to light those extra calories on fire. You can do it! I know you can! And I? Well I will be locked away in my house thinking about you and being very, VERY thankful for my solitude. What are you thankful for this year? I'm thankful for (not by order of importance):

1. Thank-you cards. Not for everything, but for major life events. Thank-you cards should be sent for baby showers, weddings, graduation gifts, etc., etc. These little notes, while usually ending up in the next week's recyclables, show testament to a person's character. They demonstrate gratefulness and appreciation. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. A little thanks goes a long way.

2. Red wine. Now please, somebody, pour me a glass of Zin. Thank you!

3. Sarcasm. There isn't enough of it in this world. Wit does the body good (might also explain why I don't have a lot of friends).

4. My family. Obviously. If you're not thankful for the people you live with, there is something wrong with you...or them. I'm thankful for my extended family too.

5.  My job. No, it's not my dream job. It's not what I want to be doing for eternity, but it pays the bills and keeps my family fed. For that, I am thankful.

6. My legs. Some people don't have theirs and I like mine.

7. Chocolate chips. The bittersweet kind. Milk chocolate sucks. We eat chocolate chips every night. Mmmmmmmm. Melted with Annie's chocolate bunny cookies to dip in them. There is a God.

8. Coffee. It's not even the caffeine part I need. I'm okay with decaf. too. It's just that it's part of my morning ritual. My coffee must be naked. My coffee must be scalding. My coffee must accompany me on my drive to work. If not, then I am bitchy. My apologies for anyone who has experienced this. Thank-you for your tolerance.

9. Text messaging. Conversations this way can be ended quickly. Let me tell you how ideal this is for someone who doesn't like people.

10. Money. Not to spend. Just to save. And we don't have a ton of it, so every little bit I am thankful for.

11. Dopplers. They let you know that life is there even when it can't be felt or seen. 160 beats per minute of thankful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Be thankful this day and every day. Don't eat too much. Don't spend too much. And, for goodness sake, remember your damn thank-yous.

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