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Friday, February 24, 2012

Support Me

I do a lot of ranting about how unfair things are for my family, but this blog post is not a bitching session. No. I will not gripe about the blatant and obvious inequalities, though there are plenty. Rather, I would like to send praises to those who raised us, to those who grew up with us, and to those of who we accumulated along the way, all of whom continue to support and inspire us. That's right. This blog post is to say thank-you to those who can stand, or even love, to be around us because, believe it or not, we aren't contagious. See. Sometimes I can be gracious.

1. The mamas and the papas...on both sides. Because there is something to be said about spankings as needed, balancing a checkbook, humiliation, pride, working your tail-end off for life's necessities, and unconditional love.

2. My siblings. I love them and now I have to share them with Sara. I should charge her, but the funds would be extracted from a joint account. With them, it was about building booby-traps for dad on the railing at the top of the stairs to bombard him after work and playing hide-and-seek and building forts. With them, it's about having those two someones to share life's moments of bliss, sorrow, and pissing and moaning.

3. The parent's parents. I am inspired by anyone that can raise 2+ children even it was "the time" to have large families. If a brood can overtake the brooders, that scares me. Humor aside, and not applicable to all of our grandparents, but certainly to a set or two, thank-you for putting the love my family ahead of beliefs and values. I know our "lifestyle" doesn't fit those beliefs and values, but the love is there anyway. And to Ma Rab. She doesn't kiss anyone's ass, and I'm pretty certain she rules the world.

4. Our friends. We don't have a lot and we're too busy for the ones we do have. But, no matter how much they are neglected, they keep coming back for more. Thanks guys. There will be food, spirits, and open calendars sometime in 2013 after Sara's graduation...promise.

5. The teachers. I won't speak for Sara, but I know I had some notable ones in, say, kindergarten, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. There's a couple I would pluck from high school too.  These were the people that taught me to get my head out of the sand, challenge myself, and be whoever the hell it is I want to be. Good news. I spend fifty percent of my time being the person I want to be, but by day I'm a sales representative. Block your phones, I might be calling you.

6. Sara's cousin. Because anyone who even considers planning her career path around bettering the life of my family deserves her own shout out. You know who you are and you are inspiring.

7. Graisyn's teacher. She didn't even blink when she was introduced to a child with two mommies. She took Graisyn in with open arms, and I think she even asked us if we needed or wanted a rainbow flag somewhere on premise to show friendliness. Cute. That makes me giggle.

8. My dogs. Yes, I just became "that" person. Sue me. Our dogs look at us without judgement, and I know that when Abbott growls at me he is muttering, "Mommy, wanna play," and not, "Mommy, you're such a fag."

When I look at my life, now and in past, I see that it is daubed with people who were willing and are willing to support me. Thank-you for listening to the struggles of my family, for providing insight as needed, and for celebrating our victories. Lord knows I never saw myself or my family on the sour end of what turns out to be our very own political and legal nightmare. I wouldn't have. It took this idiot 19 years to figure out "gay" was even part of her vocabulary. My feet would be stuck in the mud if it weren't for the support of all of you, so thank-you.

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  1. Beautifully writtne and Sam I am so pleased to see the woman you have become!!