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Friday, March 21, 2014

Some Self Reflection. About Me.

I don't do well with chaos.

I had my first panic attack, and then I had another one the next day.

I calculate my actions even when I disagree.

I don't fight dirty. I don't appreciate people who do.

I apologize when I am wrong. Acknowledging wrong doing speaks volumes about one's character.

I'm regimented and systematic.

I'm honest. To. My. Core.

I try hard. All. The. Time.

I will love and protect my family until the day that I die. #mammabear

I communicate clearly and often.

I'm planner. I plan with other people so there is no confusion.

I have very high expectations of myself and others.

I don't like to be disrespected.

I will not tolerate disrespect towards my family.

I love my job.

I don't love school. At. All. It's a formality, but I do well anyway.

I believe in equality for everyone.

I encourage my children to live to their fullest potential. They are taught honesty and dignity and respect. Regardless.

I love my children. They both have the right to be acknowledged and heard.

I am a woman of principle.

I am strong. 

I am opinionated.

Most of my decisions are made based on factual evidence, not emotion.

I am introverted.

I am analytical.

Sometimes I make gay jokes. And I'm gay. I really need to stop doing that.

I don't cry often, but, when I do, I cry hard.

My grandma in-law is my hero.

I'm getting married soon AND having a wedding AND looking smashing in a fabulous dress.

I don't have a lot of friends, but the friends that I have are good ones.

My favorite color is blue. Dark, dreary, gray, deep blue.

I don't have any enemies. At least I didn't.

I understand logic. 

I could never work in medicine or mental health.

I take calculated risks. Is a calculated risk still a risk?

I am not fond of television except for a handful of shows.

I'm often contemplating everything.

I find the unknown scary and exciting.

I don't tell secrets.

I like dinosaurs. Like, A LOT!

I find self-reflection important.

If you tell me I can't, I will.

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