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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Such is the Art of Turkey Basting - Part 5

On February 21, 2008, we put on our boxing gloves again. We felt lucky this time. Maybe it was because this day was shared by a wonderful friend's birthday and another dear, old friend's passing. Maybe we just knew this time.

We followed suit with the procedures of the second insemination which meant I was a walking, broiling hormone. And, though we were getting pretty good at the insemination process, we were both our usual bundle of nerves. Insemination just doesn't foster relaxation. Let us recall how painstakingly romantic and "medicine-like" it isn't.

Round three did not accommodate for much waiting time. I was sick about a week after the insemination. God, I was so incredibly nauseous and sick. And my boobs, well, let's just say that tender was an understatement. I vividly recall walking down the stairs one morning, within the week after insemination, thinking, "My period has never, EVER, caused my breasts to hurt this much. What in the hell is going on?" Duh, Sam. I know, but it was to soon to take even the early pregnancy test so I wasn't assuming anything. We didn't want our hopes crushed again.

Two or three weeks after the insemination we barricaded ourselves in our bathroom. This was our first private moment during the entire baby making extravaganza. It was a day or two after my cycle was supposed to have occurred and we were armed with a double pack of Clear Blue Easy pregnancy tests. I sat down. Sara leaned up against the bathroom counter. I don't think either of us were breathing. Okay...

I barely had time to pee on the pregnancy test and it was already spewing positive results. We were pregnant! We were pregnant! Holy shit. Sara was squealing and crying. I was was crying and in shock. We hugged and kissed. We stared at the little positive lines on the test. So now what?

Of course we did what any level headed, newly fruited couple would do. We painted the baby's room, or rather, just an accent wall. The room was already a beautiful yellow color, daffodil I think, and so we offset the brightness with a little Hershey brown. It was vunderbar. Our journey was finally in full flight.

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  1. Finally! Seems like I've been waiting for part five FOREVER! :)