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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Can I Have a Baby Sister Brother? Can I?

I made the mistake a few months ago of telling Graisyn, our spontaneous two, almost three, year old that Mumma and I are going to try to have another baby. I wanted to see how she felt about it and excited she was. So excited in fact that she hasn't shut up about it since.

Do I regret telling our obsessive child with a mind like steel trap about such life changing events? No. Not really. What I regret is my timing.  While normally impeccable, I have the lurking sensation that I mentioned the possibility of a wrinkly little being joining our family prematurely. Maybe, probably, for certain, I should have waited until we were already pregnant...

But I didn't. And, since I didn't, Sara and I have been berated with questions on when the next bundle is going to arrive. This occurs daily at home and apparently has filtered over to other areas of Graisyn's life such as car rides, playtime with the other children at daycare, the grocery store, and even the hair salon. There is no escaping it.

Now there are times when I wish she would just be quiet about it. God, kid, just change the dang subject already. Then there are times when she has me rolling in fits of laughter. Let's talk about the time she was educating another child at daycare about the potential addition to our family. From what I've heard, because I was not present to witness Grai in action, the story went something like this.

Grai: I'm getting a baby brother sister.

Other child (beaming with excitement. not): Oh.

Grai: Mommy's working on it. We have to be patient.

Other child: Oh.

Poor kid. The other child I mean. Bored to death by the sagas of another's life. And, really, poor Grai. She is so utterly tickled at the idea of a sibling but can't find anyone to be tickled with her for she has literally beat the subject of it to death. Sigh.

So today I am at the hair salon with Graisyn. Our family has been seeing the same stylist for about five years now, so she knows our family well enough. Well enough means we hadn't had detailed conversations regarding the expansion of our family, but it had been mentioned as something we are thinking about. Anyway, I was sitting in the chair getting my hair trimmed when Graisyn crawls up in my lap and out of the blue inquires about a new baby brother or sister. Oh boy. Here goes. We weren't even talking about babies. Not before the salon, not at the salon, not at all today and now not only do I owe you, Graisyn Quinn, an explanation, but also the stylist whose curiosity you have peaked. There is no escaping it, and I only have myself to blame.

Grai: Mommy?

Me: Yes, Graisyn.

Grai: I wanna baby sister brother.

Me: Grai, I already told you that Mumma and I are getting things ready to have another baby.

Grai: Oh. Okaaaay.

Stylist: Do you want a baby brother or a baby sister?

Grai: Sister baby.

Stylist: Okay. What if you get a baby brother? You'd still love him, wouldn't you?

Grai: No. I want a sister baby.

Me: We're really just in the beginning stages. I'm sure she'll be happy with either.

Stylist: When are you going to start trying?

Me: Uh. I dunno. A year or so. Definitely within a year.

Grai: I want a baby sister brother.

Me: I know.

Stylist: How exciting! Who will carry the baby this time?

Me: Yup, it's exciting. We are excited, I mean. And, if you couldn't tell, Graisyn is too. This time it's Sara's turn. I'm not interested in carrying a baby again. I was too sick with Graisyn.

Stylist: Ahhh. I was really sick with my first too. Didn't even gain any weight.

Me: Hmmm. I know. The sick part makes it pretty miserable. I'd tell that to Sara, but she was witness to it.

Grai: Can I go play?

Me: Yes! Go play. Mommy needs to finish getting her hair cut.

Needless to say, I feel like I have a carrot dangling in front of my little girl. I could kick myself. I'm sure Sara could kick me too. On the up side, there are lessons learned. For Graisyn, patience is a virtue. For me, some things are better left unsaid. At the end of the day, God willing Graisyn Quinn, you will have your baby sister brother.

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